Today was seriously just the most gorgeous weather, lordy! I had Turkish class today but was just so ridiculously distracted by the weather. I also signed up to do laundry but that was a whole boatload of fail for the third time. I hurt my toe a couple days ago, I seriously have NO idea how I did it, but I did. It really hurts, and I can’t wear my black boots right now. While admiring the sky however, I jammed my toe into a cement block and nearly fell on my face. o.o;;; oops.

Anyway, Claire and I decided to take a trip to Kizilay! We hopped the dolmus and wandered around. She was looking for pants and a top but didn’t really want to try anything and ended up not buying. I got a cute springy dress. literally we just wasted time walking around. We popped into a few stores looking for index cards but didn’t find any.

However, we did find a giant simit. That was amusing xD Claire had to meet with a girl to see about a flat off campus at 5:30, so we got back to campus by 5 and sat around. It was another quiet night. x]