Headed out to the slopes at around 8:45 this morning. I decided to try snowboarding. I tried to get an instructor, but the only instructor on the mountain who speaks English wasn’t willing to wait the 5 minutes it would have taken me to go get the cash out of my bank account in the building next door so I didn’t get lessons. The only two other snowboarders were on the slope by the time I got out there, so I trekked 20 yards up the mountain to try to teach myself to snowboard. It worked only slightly, and I wanted more space with less people so I borrowed someone’s lift pass to try to get higher up the mountain. I fell, and the dudes who worked there kicked me off the lift. I was really upset, and pretty much finished by that point because of it. Sat around, after lunch I turned my gear in and returned to the hotel. I updated my blog, sat around and talked to various people

Interestingly enough, skiing is on the Olympics right now, hehe.

I think it’s fascinating that when you look at the mountain, you can’t tell who anyone is, what race, ethnicity, or anything about them that would distinguish them from another human being in this world who just enjoys winter sports.

Some amazing sceanery

Seriously, mountains in the clouds. So cool.

There is trash all over the place here. It makes me a little sad because, to me, it detracts and distracts me from the amazing beauty of this place.

Quiet night, but I’m very tired. Goodnight!