-acne cream (I know it’s here, I’ve seen commercials o.o;; )

-index cards (Dr. Paces gave me some from Istanbul though, yay!)

-extension cord (I just need a single plug, can only find multi-plugs)

-peanut butter (it apparently exists in Yuz.Yil, but only creamy)

-One-A-Day Women’s (they have Men’s…they have Over 55…they have Weight Control…no Women’s)

-plastic spoons & knives (got forks!!!)

This all amuses me. =)



Claire, Hanne and I went to the pizar today! Found random Slazenger socks? I thought Slazenger just did golf stuff…though I suppose socks are related to golf.

While we were there, we picked up some dried fruits, bread and nuts. After, we walked around and found a park! So we sat and had a picnic.

And this literally took up all day. It was so fun though. And I got a new, happy, green scarf! Yay!


Today, we took a trip to Beypazarı. 😀 It was wonderful!

First we walked out to 100.Yil (pronounced yuz-en-jill, a neighborhood outside ODTU) to catch a dolmus to Ankamall. Though it was rainy and drizzling, a tree by the dolmus stop was blooming and this made the day start out juuust right!

We caught a bus outside of the Ankamall and took it to Beypazarı, 100km west of Ankara. Hanne and her roommates bought 400TL worth of groceries yesterday…nuts! So she’s eating an orange on the bus. I think one of the things I am going to miss the most about Turkey is the oranges…they taste so much better than the ones in the States, and there are no seeds. 😀 The boy reading that you can see in the background here….he vommed later on the bus trip, and so did the girl who sat behind him. It was rather gross, but thankfully all collected in a bag. @.@

Charms hanging off the ceiling of the bus? The guy with the dark hair whose head and shoulders you can see was like a flight attendant, or maybe more like a bus attendant. He gave us water, tea/NesCafe, and a wipe to wash our hands with. It was pretty nice actually, especially for only 5TL!

Beypazarı is an old Ottoman town, and was an important trading hub along the route from Istanbul to Baghdad. Their carrots are specialty: Beypazarı alone produces approximately 60% of Turkey’s carrots, which is amazing.

They sell carrot Turkish Delight, and there were several carrot juicers along the streets selling carrot juice (and apple juice I think I think.) Beypazarı is also famous for its 80-layer baklava…traditionally you find it with only 40 layers.

Our first order of business was food! We had a great lunch in a building that I’m fairly certain is an old Ottoman building. Really, really pretty rugs and hangings, and a guy playing the traditional Turkish guitar-type instrument and singing while we were there. Was very cool.

We walked around the streets, looking at Ottoman houses

and trying to decide how we could get to the tops of various jutting stone.

I think this is a hamam being built? Not sure.

There really were some just stunning views in this city. It was really tough to walk (because some hills were nearly vertical, and everything was wet slippery cobblestone) but it was so fun and worth it.

When we got to the dead end of a path on one of the mountains, we were standing around talking about what we should do then. The bus wouldn’t be leaving until 4:50 first bus, and it was only 3PM. A woman came in and out of the house there with the big porch, and then said something in Turkish to all of us speaking in English. She ended up inviting us inside her house for some cay with some of her (friends I think?) It was so cool. Only two girls really had enough Turkish to have much of a conversation, but now and then it was still hard. I followed some of it, but definitely not all of it.

We stayed for a while, and then headed back out to do some shopping on the main pizar line. After that, some of us walked and some of us got sahlep before catching the 5:50 bus back to Ankara.Here are some of our weary travelers!

I have a Turkish test on Tuesday………….I should really stop procrastinating on that P:


Today was seriously just the most gorgeous weather, lordy! I had Turkish class today but was just so ridiculously distracted by the weather. I also signed up to do laundry but that was a whole boatload of fail for the third time. I hurt my toe a couple days ago, I seriously have NO idea how I did it, but I did. It really hurts, and I can’t wear my black boots right now. While admiring the sky however, I jammed my toe into a cement block and nearly fell on my face. o.o;;; oops.

Anyway, Claire and I decided to take a trip to Kizilay! We hopped the dolmus and wandered around. She was looking for pants and a top but didn’t really want to try anything and ended up not buying. I got a cute springy dress. literally we just wasted time walking around. We popped into a few stores looking for index cards but didn’t find any.

However, we did find a giant simit. That was amusing xD Claire had to meet with a girl to see about a flat off campus at 5:30, so we got back to campus by 5 and sat around. It was another quiet night. x]


Nothing crazy happened today!!!!!

I did wake up way early this morning from a ridiculous nightmare I couldn’t get out of my head 😦 So I sat around, then had choir practice. I was mistaken–the concert is on Friday, not Wednesday. But it’s still so soon! After practice we went to lunch. The choir director complimented me on my high notes and such at lunch…(all translated through another girl) and said he wants the rest of the sopranos to sound like me. It was really flattering! Especially interesting because of how many years I spent singing Alto! On the way out after lunch, I saw all these cats just sorta hanging out around these tables. It was so weird!

Merve helped me get my medicine and figure out how to take it today, and then I went to Cepa to buy new jeans. These two were singing opera in the middle of the mall? It was confusing. But the table and everything around them was to sign up small children for ballet class. Weird.

There is a L’Occitane in Cepa mall!

I bought pants from Tally Weijl. They’re super cute! Unfortunately the girls working kept insisting I was an XXS….I managed to get jeans in the right size, but the leggings they gave me ripped when I tried to put them on when I got home 😦 At least they were cheap, but now I still need black leggings 😛 Inside the pants is this sticker about washing them…I simply found it hilarious xD

These are my pills….the round one is for pain and the oval is for infection. they’re BIG o.o; The shots didn’t hurt as much as I was anticipating, though the second was worse than the first. The doctor said that apparently a LOT of people have been getting bitten at ODTU recently. I emailed my study abroad advisor about it because that’s a big problem.

And this is my dinner! I bet you’re all jealous of this goop: Turkish yogurt and sour cherry jam. Yumyum!!


So I got to my first class, Intro to Philosophical Concepts, and settled in the room, everybody around me talkin’ in Turkish and having a ball, and the professor walks in and begins speaking in Turkish. She talks for several minutes and there is interaction with the class. I have no idea what is going on. Finally I raise my hand to ask, “Is this class being taught in Turkish?” She has me repeat it, so I did. Her answer? “Probably.” Someone makes a comment and everyone laughs. I start packing up and the professor asks if I’m leaving. Um, yes? I don’t speak Turkish? Someone says something and again the class laughs. I hear another round of laughter as I closed the door. I get the feeling they were making fun of me as I left the room. It was pretty hurtful. I’m rather frustrated about this because ALL the courses here are supposed to be in English, and now here I am, emailing professors left and right to make sure their class is in English so that I can actually take the course. Even though they’re all listed online as being in English, they’re not allowed to list under anything else so it’s one of those “well it doesn’t actually matter what is online because the professor is going to do whatever they want” things. And I’m really upset about this.

Some people have said they told their professors they only speak English, and the professor had to switch to teaching in English and apparently the whole class shot her death glares. I don’t know, maybe people were making fun of me for that? Or laughing because they wouldn’t have to have a class in English? I’m really not sure.

So I spent pretty much the rest of the day emailing professors and asking if they teach in English. So far so good, but the one class I really wanted to take I haven’t heard back from the prof. I guess I’ll just show up tomorrow morning, huh?

I took a detour through the shopping center after I left class. Picked up a phone card to call home (I was wrong before, its 3.75YTL for 50 minutes) and stopped by the grocery store. I got this bowl/plate and a cup for 1.75YTL, just a bit over 1USD. I was looking for paper or plastic, and the same with spoons and knives, but couldn’t find any. I’m going to keep an eye out for that, and hopefully buy just one sharp knife so I can cut my meyve. (fruit!)

When I left, I found a whole slew of cats. They were all over the place, looking for food. I found even more around the corner from where I took this, including two Boncuk-alikes and a Spike-alike. Someone had left out a few containers of food, and they were taking turns eating, chasing each other, and cleaning themselves. It was quite sweet.

Had a quiz in Turkish today and am very confident that I did well. However, I have another quiz on Wednesday and I am very not-confident in that quiz. =\ Wasn’t there on Thursday due to the Uludag trip, and can’t seem to find anyone who has the notes from class.

That pretty much sums up today. I hope classes get worked out, and I do hope I can stay in the Turkish course. She says there are too many people in it, and they need to cut down on the number of students in the class. She wanted us to turn in our schedules to her, but I don’t really have any set schedule yet. It’s kind of a problem at the moment. I hope to change that tomorrow though. We’ll see what happens.


(in terms of pictures, this entry is terrible. xD Sorry!)

My body woke me up unnaturally early this morning and said that it wasn’t about to go back to bed, so I went ahead and got up and started my day. I hung out a while, updated some stuff, emailed my family and some friends, and began studying for my first Turkish language exam tomorrow. Suddenly it was 1pm. What?! I hurried to pack up and put my shoes on–note to self, I need rainboots–and headed out with some friends to the market and the pazar.

I just got some really neat pictures. Domates.

Spices & dried fruits & nuts.

Lentils and spices and rices.

Portakal ve elma.


It took nearly 2/3 of the index cards that I bought (realize that it took searching through around 8 stores to find the single pack that I have) to get all my vocab for my test written out. Oy @.@ I also signed up for the wrong shift of laundry tomorrow….whoops =\ Oh well. I’ll do it on Tuesday, and if I can’t do it then, I will do it in the sink. 😀