So my neighbor, who yelled at me for showering before 10AM a few weeks ago, also gave me a dirty look for trying to shower at noon today. At this point….I couldn’t care less what she thinks. I’m going to shower when I want to. I’m not the one leaving dirty, used dishes in the kitchen for a week plus at a time.

In Sculpture today, I learned I am not really allowed to use my hands to sculpt. I have to beat the clay into place with a stick. Since I’m sculpting a torso, I sometimes feel like I am spanking her!

No one else in the class is doing the torso, and I’m not particularly sure why. Everyone else is doing the man’s head. It’s rather interesting.

Kitty was on the roof again.

The professor got her down.

She’s very sweet, but yowls for attention alllll the time when on the ground as well! We are calling her PITA. I’ll let you guess why.

Whenever I am confident that I can say something in Turkish, the woman at the reception is the only one who can speak English. So when I try to struggle through pronouncing something, she switches to English, haha.

I went to Akife and Mustafa’s for the night tonight. Professor Cynthia Paces is coming tomorrow and needs help getting from the airport to campus. The man at METU that she has been in touch with just isn’t exactly the brightest crayon in the box. So she’s pretty confused.

Akife asked me some very interesting questions tonight about my experience here since I’ve been here for a month. Mustafa and I discussed differences in sociality between home and here, and how learning it makes relating to people in the future so much easier. He also mentioned that since by room is of the more expensive variety, it is likely that the girl is from a higher class and simply expects others to do whatever she wants for her. Which I totally believe.

I discovered these vaguely cheese flavored sticks today that remind me of salty-type pocky. They excite me. And are quite yummy.

I was also informed that I’ve lost weight. I’ve been eating a LOT! But….I’ve also been walking much more than I am used to. That is probably why. =)



Apparently I’ve woken somebody up by showering in the morning. I’m attempting to find a compromise that we can all shower/pee/do bathroom stuff and still get to class on time…and getting up earlier to shower doesn’t help anybody 😦

Also, I can’t read the washer and dryers here at school. It’s a slight problem xD; Mustafa offered to let me use their washer when I visit them this weekend, which is very kind and helps a lot.

Got kicked out of my first class today because the prof wants to teach in Turkish. Was pretty upsetting, but then I went to math. The professor speaks English. He went to UMass for his masters and Ph.D. I was so relieved to hear English that I didn’t care that I didn’t completely understand what the topic was xD;;; The desks in this class are really tiny though, and they’re all crammed in there and filled up. About 50 or so students per class, in a room the size that TCNJ uses for 25. @__@

Went to sculpture. This neat guy was hanging out right by the door, kind of startling. The professor had little one-on-one sessions with people to find out if they knew much/anything about art and to explain the schedule and class expectations…kind of like an interview to see if you were allowed in the class! The class requires 10 hours per week in the studio…I think it’ll kind of be relaxing when I get into it. He told me that he wanted me in the course, and I’m one of 18 that are in the course now. Besides the one major sculpture for the class, I’ll need to write a paper and do a presentation on some form of art. I’m thinking fiber art ❤

Afterwards, I found Manali and we decided to go to the University Choir’s first meeting tonight. It was at 5:40. When we arrived, we discovered that it was an auditioned group, and this meeting was an audition!! Talk about not being prepared! Then Manali, Claire and I found out….he was only taking 6 girls! Phwhat?! So I resigned myself to just auditioning for fun because I’d already signed up. I did really well in the audition actually, and he liked my voice a lot. He also decided that I’m a high soprano, and told me to come back on Thursday. When the class starts. To be a part of the class. AHHH 😀 I’m SO PROUD OF ME!!! Seriously. xD He complimented my voice several times and I seriously did so well I’m ridiculously happy! Claire says I sang 3 octaves. I’m amazed at myself. I can’t believe I did it. =D

So my observation of the day today….students are really disrespectful here. I thought maybe it was just during the orientation week, they didn’t really care too much for the class, or they didn’t care overall, or it was “just an orientation class.” But even in my math class today, they talk when the professor is speaking, they argue with him, nitpicked over his grammar use of “and” and “or” in a sentence, etc. Students would ask questions in Turkish that the professor answers in English…it seems that METU’s “requirements” and “standards” don’t actually apply to everything that goes on here. Rather frustrating.

Studying for an exam in Turkish tomorrow….cha!


Got a nice bit of sleep last night, and had a leisurely day today. Picked up some necessities, toilet paper, bread, yogurt, paper towels. Our third roommate came in, curled her lip at the room and left…hasn’t been back yet. The girl in the single moved in, I heard her, but she’s been pretty scarce.

I spent a while this morning trying to get the course website to load properly. Quite reminiscent of TESS actually. When I finally did, it turned out that pretty much all the courses I had wanted to take weren’t being offered right now. I was very frustrated. My registration meeting was this afternoon. I finally picked Beginning Turkish, Discreet Mathematics, Principles of Philosophy (or something) and Classical Turkish Music. Music seems to be a problem: the class is most likely taught in Turkish. I have to contact the professor and find out.

Finally got my temporary METU ID card. Picked up my photographs, and pulled out money to pay for the dorm. But the bank was PACKED and I couldn’t read any of the signs so I had no idea what to do. I have a whole new respect for people who come to America and can’t do anything. So I picked up some dorm supplies. Went to my meeting, and have been assigned to the Math department because Communication isn’t here and I need to be somewhere XD Quiet day and evening, really.

Decided that the lamps here are designed to echo the logo for the school.

All the walkways are cobblestones. It makes it very difficult to walk on. I tend to stay on the concrete parts.

LOOK METU HAS ITS OWN SUN DAIL. I think this one is less impressive but prettier.

Made a doggy friend today. Did not intend to do so, in fact, intended to stay far away from the doggies. But she came up to me and nosed my hand and hip and leg until I scratched her. She was sweet…very skinny though. 😦 She’s the white one.

updated my Hamam entry! Go look at the creepy guy!! 🙂


Daniella from Montenegro, old Yugoslovia

26 year old Croatian, lives in Montenegro, studies Art History in Bosnia. Currently has 2 friends here. Came to Turkey for her Islamic Building Art professor who wanted her as a Teaching Assistant. Wants to learn Turkish, and is learning English.  The mother of a friend of hers gave her a Turkish textbook and workbook so she could study while here.

Has a dictionary to translate the words she is looking for. Her English is pretty good, sometimes she has grammar errors but who doesn’t? Our language is really weird.

To Kieka, Bosnian music is very bad. It is electronic and the singers are not good, and she is frustrated about that. She says that “Music is a beautiful thing, and these cheap songers shit on it.” She does not like Black Eyed Peas, but would prefer it to the current pop music in Bosnia and Montenegro!