My body woke me up unnaturally early this morning and said that it wasn’t about to go back to bed, so I went ahead and got up and started my day. I hung out a while, updated some stuff, emailed my family and some friends, and began studying for my first Turkish language exam tomorrow. Suddenly it was 1pm. What?! I hurried to pack up and put my shoes on–note to self, I need rainboots–and headed out with some friends to the market and the pazar.

I just got some really neat pictures. Domates.

Spices & dried fruits & nuts.

Lentils and spices and rices.

Portakal ve elma.


It took nearly 2/3 of the index cards that I bought (realize that it took searching through around 8 stores to find the single pack that I have) to get all my vocab for my test written out. Oy @.@ I also signed up for the wrong shift of laundry tomorrow….whoops =\ Oh well. I’ll do it on Tuesday, and if I can’t do it then, I will do it in the sink. 😀