Arrived at Ankara. New airport. Very pretty.

Man who checked my visa read it for a long time. I was very nervous he would say no. I got through.

Luggage got through alright. Did not have a matching set so I could not clip them together but I MacGyver’d something that worked.

People think Turkey is flat. It is not flat. Hills everywhere. Snow too. Very cold.

Used to be the ghettos. Mustafa, family friend, picked us up from his airport. Gave small tour through town center. Turkish drivers are scary. Will try to take video.

In Germany, everything was in German and English. In Turkey, everything is just in Turkish. So many people are fluent in multiple languages. On the plane, the stewardesses all spoke 3+ languages. This terrifies me. If the US wants to stay on the forefront as an influential nation, we really need to jump that bandwagon.

Had dinner. Was chided for not eating enough. Will serve myself next time. Saw Gokcer tonight and had many good discussions with him and Grammy. Was also chided for not serving tea. They are trying to make a proper Turkish girl out of me. We’ll see what happens. 😉


PS: By chided, I may or may not mean teased. I believe they tease me, but they may also be serious. I will get back to you on this.



Lufthansa flight. My favorite icon perhaps.

My plane.

Took no time to get through security & get my boarding passes. Checked 2 bags and wasn’t charged for the extra. Purchased a book, Immodium and Breath Savers. They’ll last longer than lollipops when on takeoff and descent.

Wore my AA letters. Represent, girlfriends. Have a pirate band-aid too.

Bored. Waited 4 hours in the airport before boarding. Ellen and Eric and Steve drove me to the airport. We stopped for Panara. It was satisfying. We got free cookies. Man from Stetson University watched my bag when I went to the bathroom.

Tino couldn’t come with me to Turkey so I took a picture of him with my bags. He will ride back to Virginia buckled into Eric’s passenger seat.




My bags. Black is carry on, red is new checked bag and silver is also a checked bag. Still have to pack a few things…computers, last minute stuff, my backpack carry on, etc. I like the red one because it has 4 wheels and can be rolled while standing.

Excited. Mom got stressed b/c it took me ~13 hours to back. I understand.