Today, Hanne and I had a mission to buy her a new pair of shoes. We went to Kizilay, and as we were wandering around locating ayakkabi stores, when all of a sudden I realized we were walking right next to several columns of about 40 or so polis officers in full riot gear. There is normally a police precense in Kizilay, but usually not so heavy, and,…usually not in FULL RIOT GEAR, with BLAST SHEILDS. Hanne didn’t really see a probnlem with it, but I was really uncomfortable. We continued to walk forward, but then I happened to look into the street…where there were 3 armoured vehicles and a POLICE TANK. I decided that we should probably not be there and steered us immediately onto a side street.

Oh yes.
MOST likely not.

Anyway, we ended up finding Hanne a pair of shoes, and went to the park in Kizilay. We bought juice, som esimit and strawberries. I wanted some cay, but the guy who walked by selling it wanted 1lira, and I didn’t feel like paying 1TL for a cay I could get for 25 kurus out of a vending machine .__. So I said no. Another guy come pay, and wanted 1TL as well, but when I said no, he offered for 50 kurus. This, I didn’t mind. We got some cay, and about 10 minutes later the first guy came around and saw us with cay and asked why we had it. So we laughed and I told him I got it for 50 kurus and he seemed angry, lol.

Sorry I didn’t really get any pictures….I didn’t think snapping one of the police guys would have been such a great idea!



I love having adventures!

Okay, so Sunday, nothing happened. Literallyyy. So, onto today’s adventures!

I thought today was going to be dull, but it was actually fun. First off, got a good mark in Turkish. yay! Then, Claire had to pick up her residence permit, and I had yet to turn in the paperwork for mine. It’s basically a teensy passport-type-thing that just says that you do live in the country at the moment, and should you have to leave, you’ll be able to get back in. (I also stil lhave to pay for my student ID; the one I have expires soon but I need a new photo. whoops x 2)

We adventured out via the Ulus dolmus. We had to go to the polis station basically, but it’s a huge building, haha. It was also fairly cold out. First we went to the Polis kantin to purchase a very extra super specific pink folder. It was very odd! Then I turned in the paperwork with no problems. I simply have to pick up my permit in 2 weeks. Yay!

Then we took the metro. That was actually fun. The whole thing was so clean, open, fresh. So different from what I’m used to!

When we got off at Kizilay, we found some fake converse being sold for SUPERCHEAPS, so I nabbed a pair in burgundy. I’ll share a picture later. We found DOST, a bookstore, so Claire could buy her ticket for a film festival movie. There seem to be a lot of those here. We were running out of steam, so we got some cay (and I got sahlep of course). When she asked the waiter for lemon, he just laughed in her face. o.O It was strange. I bought a great fuzzy-hooded Engrish sweatshirt with a huge ? and a saying “Do you like any girlfriends?” We also tried these street-food fried potatoe-chips-on-a-stick which were quite wonderful. A guy heard us talking in English, and came over and started talking to us. It was a little awkward, but he wanted to practice his English which I can understand. But then he started following us some, so we told him we had to get back to class and kind of ditched him a bit.

On the way back to campus, we got invited to have dinner with Hanne and Charlotte, so we had potatoes, eggs and onions. It was fun. =)

After dinner I had them over to my room for cay and dessert. Very enjoyable. Next time though, I’d like to make dinner for them. ………..I just don’t know what!!! D:


Today was seriously just the most gorgeous weather, lordy! I had Turkish class today but was just so ridiculously distracted by the weather. I also signed up to do laundry but that was a whole boatload of fail for the third time. I hurt my toe a couple days ago, I seriously have NO idea how I did it, but I did. It really hurts, and I can’t wear my black boots right now. While admiring the sky however, I jammed my toe into a cement block and nearly fell on my face. o.o;;; oops.

Anyway, Claire and I decided to take a trip to Kizilay! We hopped the dolmus and wandered around. She was looking for pants and a top but didn’t really want to try anything and ended up not buying. I got a cute springy dress. literally we just wasted time walking around. We popped into a few stores looking for index cards but didn’t find any.

However, we did find a giant simit. That was amusing xD Claire had to meet with a girl to see about a flat off campus at 5:30, so we got back to campus by 5 and sat around. It was another quiet night. x]


So I woke up before my alarm went off this morning, which is a really common thing for me these days. I looked outside, blue skies, gorgeous day! (This is the dorm next to me.) Then I got on my computer. I had over 60 messages on Facebook (at 7AM!) and 20 emails from Sigmas! It was seriously so amazing…I even got a sound recording of Sigma singing happy birthday to me! It was so wonderful!

I had a Turkish test today, and  when I got the building I saw a body hurtling through the air at me. I almost dodged it until I realized it was Claire, coming to wish me a happy birthday xD It was so cheerful! After the class was over, I got invited to go get some food/cay at Cati. When they asked what I was going to get, I just about shouted “CAKE?!” xD So I picked up a slice of cake and a piece of pide (Turkish pizza-ish stuff, it’s awesome) and went back to the table. Claire bounces up, covers my eyes, someone takes my plate and sits me down. So I’m sitting at a table somewhere in the restaraunt with my eyes covered for about five minutes, before my friends all start singing and I open my eyes to

CAKE!!!!!!!!!! A beautiful, lovely, wonderful PINK CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There were CANDLES too! They wrote on the box: “Happy birthday!” “Congratulations” (in Turkish), and “Afiyet olsun!” It was AWESOME 😀 Kristin and Claire decided to get it for me ❤ And Christine, Hanne, Jenna and Fernando were all in on the gig to get the cake to Cati after class without me knowing xD

I shared. But I was so SO HAPPY 😀

My roomie and Jenna sending me off to pahty =P

I wanted to go to a karaoke bar (they weren’t to keen but hey it’s my birthday!) but the one in Tunali was a bit hard to get to, so we decided to go to a place in Kizilay called “Eski Yeni.” Claire is excited! I went with (from the L) Christine, Hanne, Claire and Charlotte, as well as Vienna, who isn’t pictured here.

Most of these I don’t know how to caption, so enjoy our craziness!!!

Hanne bought me a flowerrrr!!!! 😀


…really not sure what to say about this one but I feel that I should say something. o.O

My free birthday fuzzy navel! It was on the bar. (I get the feeling they thought it was my 18th birthday………. =P ) But! It had a SPARKLER in it when he brought it out!!!!! 😀

And now we start with the reeeeally unattractive photographs…..

And on the way out, lighting up the night over Kizilay………………………………………..yeah.

We got in before curfew and I got to call and talk to my dad and sister before I went upstairs. Overall…..I had a freaking awesome birthday. xD