I went to the store yesterday to buy some nommage. I found nutella, but there was one size bottle.

I’m taking bets. Who thinks I can actually finish this by the time I leave in June?

Math class this morning. I have NO IDEA what’s going on….and I don’t think I can do it after all =\ Altogether I have about 20 hours of classes per week, so I’m hoping that I don’t have anything to worry about in terms of credits, but I have time to make it up if I have to. Plus…Angie said she’d tutor me in Maths next semester 😀

I had my first Chorus rehersal today. It was so good! We’re singing 2 songs in Turkish, one in French, one in Spanish and one in English. So far, lol. I’m a Soprano now apparently?! Lol it’s fun. Gokce is in it actually which is cool. It’s nice to see her again. I can’t understand a majority of the words that the professor is saying, but the cool part is that I fully understand what is going on in the class. It’s great! We have a concert next Wednesday with a choir from Hartford University, very cool. Unfortunately we now have rehearsal every day until then xD

I’m obsessed with sour cherry juice. It’s so good.

Milk here comes in little boxes. xD I feel like I’m probably the only student here who buys it on a regular basis 😛

Today was seriously normal, and it was really amazing. Such a nice change from the batcrazy I’ve been going since I got here!!



Slept 13 hours. Felt lovely, could have slept til 2. Forgot my camera today, and Grammy enjoyed taking pictures with her pretty Nikon D40.

Called Gokce…or rather, Mustafa did. Met in Kızılay, the city center, and picked her up. Very sweet. Went to METU, did quick tour, found my temporary dorm.

Was handed a form to fill out to prepare for when I come tomorrow. I looked at it and stopped, a few minutes later was told to fill it out again. “I can’t read it…”

They gave me sheets, a blanket and a pillow. This room was floor to ceiling with them.

Four beds by way of two BUNK beds. Very small room. There is a separate study room and water closet. Will be here 1.5wks. Had a tough time getting up here!! There was a kitty in the lobby. Looked like Boncuk, but its markings were brown. Didn’t get a picture =(

Went to shopping center. Purchased a cell sim card so I can make calls to people in Turkey, ie Mustafa, Gokcer, Gokce, new friends at school. Mustafa has a phone I can activate it on, and I have to buy minutes tomorrow.

Do you see my eyebrows? I believe they were at my hairline by the time I left. I was not saying a thing and could not understand  a word being said.

The forest is all part of my new school’s campus. It is beautiful.

I get excited whenever someone speaks very good English. I speak too fast. I need to slow down. It’s the Jersey in me, I know. I will warn my new friends at METU to tell me when I speak too quickly.

Gokcer and Rahime came by tonight for dinner and post-dinner. I gave them gifts from America, and the boys had more fun with the ribbon than anything else.

This ribbon is SRS BUSINESS. Grammy and I were kissed by this srs gentleman too.