Today I had to pick up my residence permit after class. I hopped a dolmus out there and picked it up no problem. It looks like a little passport, kinda really adorable! xD Just as I left, an ODTU dolmus pulled up to the stop a little bit away from the police place, the Ankamall stop. I flat out ran the thirty feet to get there, which kind of felt good, and when seated realized I was on the same dolmus that I took to get out there!

At Cati, the best place to get food on the academic side of the campus, you can eat outside. You don’ t have to do anything with your trays though, you just leave them out and the workers (plentiful as they are) come around and pick them up. Sometimes though, the birds get to it before the workers do!

This is the view of Ankara from the walkway from the campus gate to Yuz.yil as I was going to meet up with Claire.

We decided to make stir fry.

It was quite delicious. I also tried raki, as my sculpture professor had encouraged me to do. I don’t think it’s quite for me though, too much of a black licorice taste to it.

Boring days yay!



I have started teaching myself to cook. Can you believe it?! Today I made pasta with tomato sauce. It was alright. We’ll see where this goes. P: All the food in the kantin seems really extra super duper fried, and I’m just tired of it. 😦


Claire, Hanne and I went to the pizar today! Found random Slazenger socks? I thought Slazenger just did golf stuff…though I suppose socks are related to golf.

While we were there, we picked up some dried fruits, bread and nuts. After, we walked around and found a park! So we sat and had a picnic.

And this literally took up all day. It was so fun though. And I got a new, happy, green scarf! Yay!


Turkish mid-term next week, uh oh! I hope I can manage to pull a good grade out of somewhere >__<

The International Food Festival run by the ESN was tonight. I went to Claire’s to use her oven. We went to like 4 different places to find ingredients and I *still* forgot to buy oats. Oh, I made apple crisp! But since I forgot to buy oats, Claire let me use some of her cereal that had oats in it, haha. So I poked through and pulled it all out for my topping.

And I got creative to melt my butter, haha. This is the teensy oven I used! Ovens are really not common here, it’s odd to me, haha. For the filling, I chopped up granny smith apples and put a few handfuls of raisins and mixed in some arbitrary amount of sugar. For the topping, I used the oats that I filled out, arbitrary amounts of flour, sugar and salt, whipped together an egg and melted some butter, and threw in some honey for good measure, since I couldn’t find brown sugar. I spread it all over and then baked it.

Claire made her fairy bread while I was doing this xD

And stir fry! Yay for feeding Han 😀

It was AWESOME smelling….and everyone who had some loved it. I am soooo proud of me, hahaha.

Hungary’s sign xD

Canada’s potatoe thing? The cheese was really good in it 😀 YAY FOOD. Hahahah ❤


I love having adventures!

Okay, so Sunday, nothing happened. Literallyyy. So, onto today’s adventures!

I thought today was going to be dull, but it was actually fun. First off, got a good mark in Turkish. yay! Then, Claire had to pick up her residence permit, and I had yet to turn in the paperwork for mine. It’s basically a teensy passport-type-thing that just says that you do live in the country at the moment, and should you have to leave, you’ll be able to get back in. (I also stil lhave to pay for my student ID; the one I have expires soon but I need a new photo. whoops x 2)

We adventured out via the Ulus dolmus. We had to go to the polis station basically, but it’s a huge building, haha. It was also fairly cold out. First we went to the Polis kantin to purchase a very extra super specific pink folder. It was very odd! Then I turned in the paperwork with no problems. I simply have to pick up my permit in 2 weeks. Yay!

Then we took the metro. That was actually fun. The whole thing was so clean, open, fresh. So different from what I’m used to!

When we got off at Kizilay, we found some fake converse being sold for SUPERCHEAPS, so I nabbed a pair in burgundy. I’ll share a picture later. We found DOST, a bookstore, so Claire could buy her ticket for a film festival movie. There seem to be a lot of those here. We were running out of steam, so we got some cay (and I got sahlep of course). When she asked the waiter for lemon, he just laughed in her face. o.O It was strange. I bought a great fuzzy-hooded Engrish sweatshirt with a huge ? and a saying “Do you like any girlfriends?” We also tried these street-food fried potatoe-chips-on-a-stick which were quite wonderful. A guy heard us talking in English, and came over and started talking to us. It was a little awkward, but he wanted to practice his English which I can understand. But then he started following us some, so we told him we had to get back to class and kind of ditched him a bit.

On the way back to campus, we got invited to have dinner with Hanne and Charlotte, so we had potatoes, eggs and onions. It was fun. =)

After dinner I had them over to my room for cay and dessert. Very enjoyable. Next time though, I’d like to make dinner for them. ………..I just don’t know what!!! D:


Nothing crazy happened today!!!!!

I did wake up way early this morning from a ridiculous nightmare I couldn’t get out of my head 😦 So I sat around, then had choir practice. I was mistaken–the concert is on Friday, not Wednesday. But it’s still so soon! After practice we went to lunch. The choir director complimented me on my high notes and such at lunch…(all translated through another girl) and said he wants the rest of the sopranos to sound like me. It was really flattering! Especially interesting because of how many years I spent singing Alto! On the way out after lunch, I saw all these cats just sorta hanging out around these tables. It was so weird!

Merve helped me get my medicine and figure out how to take it today, and then I went to Cepa to buy new jeans. These two were singing opera in the middle of the mall? It was confusing. But the table and everything around them was to sign up small children for ballet class. Weird.

There is a L’Occitane in Cepa mall!

I bought pants from Tally Weijl. They’re super cute! Unfortunately the girls working kept insisting I was an XXS….I managed to get jeans in the right size, but the leggings they gave me ripped when I tried to put them on when I got home 😦 At least they were cheap, but now I still need black leggings 😛 Inside the pants is this sticker about washing them…I simply found it hilarious xD

These are my pills….the round one is for pain and the oval is for infection. they’re BIG o.o; The shots didn’t hurt as much as I was anticipating, though the second was worse than the first. The doctor said that apparently a LOT of people have been getting bitten at ODTU recently. I emailed my study abroad advisor about it because that’s a big problem.

And this is my dinner! I bet you’re all jealous of this goop: Turkish yogurt and sour cherry jam. Yumyum!!


My body woke me up unnaturally early this morning and said that it wasn’t about to go back to bed, so I went ahead and got up and started my day. I hung out a while, updated some stuff, emailed my family and some friends, and began studying for my first Turkish language exam tomorrow. Suddenly it was 1pm. What?! I hurried to pack up and put my shoes on–note to self, I need rainboots–and headed out with some friends to the market and the pazar.

I just got some really neat pictures. Domates.

Spices & dried fruits & nuts.

Lentils and spices and rices.

Portakal ve elma.


It took nearly 2/3 of the index cards that I bought (realize that it took searching through around 8 stores to find the single pack that I have) to get all my vocab for my test written out. Oy @.@ I also signed up for the wrong shift of laundry tomorrow….whoops =\ Oh well. I’ll do it on Tuesday, and if I can’t do it then, I will do it in the sink. 😀