Cake and Cube came with me.

Kitty has been my travel partner.

“I Gotta Feelin'” makes me really happy.

Met Grammy in Munich, Germany. 7:15AM landing time. Had the wrong gate, H25 when it was H40. Very clean airport. Got mochaciato in a bowl for Grammy, and latte in a tall glass for me. We saw a store called “Private” here. At the airport. In the terminals. It’s sketchy, and you have to be over 18 to go in.

Haven’t slept since 7:30 yesterday (today?) and am now punchy and jittery. Have to use an adapter to the plug to charge my computer. Glad the box is 110V-240V. Thanks to Dad for checking that. Got 1 hour of Internet for ~$11. Talked to Rauren McFfffffff when I landed.

German and English are very similar. All the signs here are in German, then again in English. The flight was the same too, since Lufthansa is a German company.

The temperature at one point of the flight was -80F. I can’t begin to fathom how cold that is. Finished my book on the way to Germany.




Lufthansa flight. My favorite icon perhaps.

My plane.

Took no time to get through security & get my boarding passes. Checked 2 bags and wasn’t charged for the extra. Purchased a book, Immodium and Breath Savers. They’ll last longer than lollipops when on takeoff and descent.

Wore my AA letters. Represent, girlfriends. Have a pirate band-aid too.

Bored. Waited 4 hours in the airport before boarding. Ellen and Eric and Steve drove me to the airport. We stopped for Panara. It was satisfying. We got free cookies. Man from Stetson University watched my bag when I went to the bathroom.

Tino couldn’t come with me to Turkey so I took a picture of him with my bags. He will ride back to Virginia buckled into Eric’s passenger seat.