Rahime and Grammy and I went shopping today! Well, first I moved from Yurt 1 to my permanent dorm. Fastest, easiest move I have EVER done. xD After that, we met with Rahime and went shopping.

We went to a pizari. It was so fun! I bought a lot of things I needed:

mini alarm clock

slippers (are we surprised with the pink?)

key chain

hangers (not interesting enough for a picture)

and some things I didn’t need…a tunic, and a new trendy dress (in picture), scarves, and a hair pin. Only a few things left to purchase for my school stuff, like a dictionary and index cards, but I hope to take care of that tomorrow.

Looking for a size

Trying to bargain

Definitely a unique way to showcase underwear?

Clown selling for charity we think.

We went on a car tour of Ankara, and went to METU’s lake. It was so gorgeous. ❤

Had a snack at a cafe on the lake. This is Gokcer’s family

Two tired shoppers!

Another shot over the lake.

Grammy’s old house in Turkey~

Found this picture hiding on Grammy’s camera! So sweet.

My new bed

My new closet

Our kitchen

Our lovely LARGE bathroom!

That’s all for now.



Woke up feeling vommy. Grammy says its the food, and she’s right b/c it is a lot heavier than I am used to. She recommended yogurt. Turkish yogurt is the best. I want to find yogurt soup. It’s so yummy and would be perfect.

Skipped the first lecture b/c of my stomach. Really wanted to go to it, but was afraid of another vasovagal episode. Went to second lecture, Beginning Turkish hurray~! Surprisingly fun, learned a ton of new words, need flash cards!

Last night I spent about 2-3 hours setting various people up on the Internet. I used Macs and PCs from German to Russian to Dutch….hooked everybody up to the ‘net. These people were all pretty happy to talk to me today, which was really encouraging. Hung out w/ Claire too, and made buddies w/ her group.

Afterward, I went to the library to hook up a Dutch girl’s computer. It didn’t work the first try, so we walked to the Computer Center since she has a tough time seeing things and finding her way. I wandered through the shopping center, noted things I want/need to buy, and then came back to the dorm. Got some soup, and my stomach felt better. Now I’m hungry again, but I’m not sure what to eat. The signs are all in Turkish xD; Really need that dictionary.

Early night tonight, since I plan on going out tomorrow night and have to be up early on Friday to register and move into my permanent dorm.


Daniella from Montenegro, old Yugoslovia

26 year old Croatian, lives in Montenegro, studies Art History in Bosnia. Currently has 2 friends here. Came to Turkey for her Islamic Building Art professor who wanted her as a Teaching Assistant. Wants to learn Turkish, and is learning English.  The mother of a friend of hers gave her a Turkish textbook and workbook so she could study while here.

Has a dictionary to translate the words she is looking for. Her English is pretty good, sometimes she has grammar errors but who doesn’t? Our language is really weird.

To Kieka, Bosnian music is very bad. It is electronic and the singers are not good, and she is frustrated about that. She says that “Music is a beautiful thing, and these cheap songers shit on it.” She does not like Black Eyed Peas, but would prefer it to the current pop music in Bosnia and Montenegro!

Slightly more than I had bargained for.

Late breakfast, spent most of today relaxing w/ Grammy and playing around on the computer. Can’t read the SIM card pamphlet. Mustafa is lending me a phone, I should buy a used one tomorrow.

Tea party at around 4PM. Tea parties rather replace lunch here often. Turks speak quickly and loudly, as though in argument many times. I believe they were discussing the building service person. It may or may not have been a heated discussion…I am not sure.

Gokcer called and offered to bring me to campus. He gave us a driven tour. The campus is two circles that touch on one side…there is a phrase for this in Geometry, but I do not remember it.

When we arrived to the dorm, someone else had taken my bed in my previous room. Another room was located for me. That was stressful. I could not interact or communicate, because all dorm workers speak only Turkish.

I believe this is someone else’s dorm during the year, and they had to pack up everything to make room for us temporarily.

Four people to a room, with one sleeping room and one study room. Two “rooms” to a dorm. So, 8 people sharing one space.

The key to the study room given to you on exchange for an ID…which you can trade back for the ID. You cannot lock anything but the study room.

Piggy piggy protection for here too. Look familiar?

I am glad this is temporary.

I do not have internet access in here. Updates/availability will be staggered. I will go stir crazy until I can get me some ‘net.

It is rather lonely in here. I think 2 other people have brought their stuff here, but they have left. I do not know where they are. I believe I will visit the girls down the hall to hang out. I hope I can speak slowly enough for them.


PS: Speaking slowly in English makes one realize how many unnecessary words one uses. It is difficult to shorten what I am trying to say, especially when attempting to explain something about America. This is something to work on.

Four people to a room, with one sleeping room and one study room.
The key is given to you on exchange for an ID…which you can trade back for the ID.