My choir’s concert was today. It took place in the “Architecture Amphitheater,” which I was expecting to just be an auditorium. No, this was a legit amphitheatre. So cool! It reminded me a little of the Little Theatre in HCRHS…but so much cooler.

The American choir came and practiced with us on the 2 songs we would sing together, then on their own. Then they went to get food. I hung around to try to talk to them some. But they were completely disinterested in anyone except the people they came with. There were 2 or 3 METU students who were accompanying them around, acting as translators and such. They were the only non-US people that the students really cared to talk to. Only one spoke with me…to ask me how she could buy water from the kantin. I was really disappointed. I kept trying to tell myself that they were just tired but…couldn’t really bring myself to fully believe it, you know? It was beyond just being tired but reacting to things around you. They wouldn’t talk to me when I tried to start conversation, and would only sit with and talk to the people they came with. =\

Claire, Charlotte and Nina came to see my concert though! 😀 They took pictures for me, lucky you! ❤ Gokce Gokdogan also came, and it was so wonderful to see her! I didn’t get to talk to her for but a few moments, since she had to get back to campus before her curfew.

There was a really huge crowd here actually! It was awesome. I’m still trying to figure it out. =) Two composers were here, one that composed a song we sang with the other choir and one that did a song that the other choir sang on their own.

So this is the American choir in their performance-gear. They had some really lovely songs with great harmonies and melodies and sounded fairly good overall.

And this is our choir, in all our loveliness…and I still think we sounded better 😉

I found out that our director, Haser Tek, is actually a famous Turkish tenor in the opera. He doesn’t have a falsetto, and has a really lovely voice. I do enjoy listening to him, and I’m usually not a tenor-type of person!

And this is all of us together.

After all that was over, I still had to get my second series of the rabies vaccine. But it was like 9:30 by that point, and I hadn’t heard from Gokcer about it all day (I had texted him in the AM). So Claire offered to go with me. I went back to my room and found my hospital papers, changed into pants (that skirt was cowld!) and went to the lady by the desk. Since it was 10:15 by this point and I wasn’t sure how long it would take, I wanted to let her know where I would be so I wouldn’t have to sign in on the tardy paperwork. And I actually told her in Turkish that I was going to the hospital and she understood and I was so happy!!! So proud of me. So I went and met Claire outside the gate by a bar called “Drunk.” It was pretty funny xD I hear it’s actually a decent place? Will check it out some time.

We caught a taxi outside the bar and I gave him the paper with the name of the hospital. He didn’t quite know where, so he took us in the cab and drove around calling and texting people to find out, hahaha. He pulls up to a hospital that isn’t the one we needed, and asks for directions. So we get to the right one, and when I go to pay, he told me (in Turkish) that he would wait. Claire and I got out and went to the security guy to let him know where we were going, who gave us directions. I was so happy (again) that I was able to say “Biliyorum” for the first time, which means “I know”! So proud of me, hahahaha. Went and got the shot, which was really easy. I think I’m beginning to not be phased by them, so long as I don’t look at it, haha. Either that or the nurses here are really good. It’s funny though, two shots are in my arm with 3 moles, each right next to one of the moles. I hope the third is next to the last mole, because that would just make me laugh.

We hopped the cab back to ODTU (seriously just wrote TCNJ) and I decided to go with the girls to Beypazari tomorrow. Very exciting, should be an ultra fun time.



Nothing crazy happened today!!!!!

I did wake up way early this morning from a ridiculous nightmare I couldn’t get out of my head 😦 So I sat around, then had choir practice. I was mistaken–the concert is on Friday, not Wednesday. But it’s still so soon! After practice we went to lunch. The choir director complimented me on my high notes and such at lunch…(all translated through another girl) and said he wants the rest of the sopranos to sound like me. It was really flattering! Especially interesting because of how many years I spent singing Alto! On the way out after lunch, I saw all these cats just sorta hanging out around these tables. It was so weird!

Merve helped me get my medicine and figure out how to take it today, and then I went to Cepa to buy new jeans. These two were singing opera in the middle of the mall? It was confusing. But the table and everything around them was to sign up small children for ballet class. Weird.

There is a L’Occitane in Cepa mall!

I bought pants from Tally Weijl. They’re super cute! Unfortunately the girls working kept insisting I was an XXS….I managed to get jeans in the right size, but the leggings they gave me ripped when I tried to put them on when I got home 😦 At least they were cheap, but now I still need black leggings 😛 Inside the pants is this sticker about washing them…I simply found it hilarious xD

These are my pills….the round one is for pain and the oval is for infection. they’re BIG o.o; The shots didn’t hurt as much as I was anticipating, though the second was worse than the first. The doctor said that apparently a LOT of people have been getting bitten at ODTU recently. I emailed my study abroad advisor about it because that’s a big problem.

And this is my dinner! I bet you’re all jealous of this goop: Turkish yogurt and sour cherry jam. Yumyum!!


I could read this today! I am so proud of me! The bottom says “Orange Jelly Biscuit”!!!! 😀

However, knowing that kind of Turkish doesn’t help me when my last class this week was taught in Turkish. So now I’m dropping 2 classes, and I really didn’t want to do that. I hope I can get the right number of credits for the classes I’m taking. The women I’ve emailed at TCNJ to ask about this has just…not gotten back to me. It’s rather frustrating.

There is a bus that goes around campus every 15 minutes. I took it this morning (not nearly as far as I should have) and it was pretty ghettofab. The best part I think was that the driver was wearing a suit.

After getting off the bus a good 5 stops before I should’ve, I just walked about a mile or so to get to my class. Good thing I left an hour early. Saw this along the way, and it was really pretty. I think it leads to the Teknokent, or a place on campus where a lot of businesses have offices.

People do this all over campus in the dorms. It’s really strange: they put foodstuffs that needs to stay cold out on the ledge outside their window. o.O Even though they have a fridge provided by the school, they store their stuff out the window. I wonder if they do it when the weather gets warmer. I’ll let you know.

So it’s just my luck, right? Literally minutes after I separated from Ezgi when walking back to my dorm after Chorus tonight, I see two dogs cross the path up ahead of me. It’s a little dark out, but I can tell they’re some of the dogs that are not friendly and I’ve stayed away from them. I didn’t realize there was a third until I was literally right next to it. The third one growled, and the second one growled, and I tried to walk faster but the third one grabbed the back of my leg. Rather than ripping my leg out and running, I barked at them. They ran off. I checked my leg inside the closest building and saw it broke the skin, so I went to the medical center. (As I approached the door, the dogs came around the side of the building. I barked at them again and they ran off.) The medical staff wanted to send me to the hospital for a vaccine for rabies no doubt. I called Gokcer, and he’s going to take me to get the vaccine in about an hour or so. Only this would happen to me in the first month that I’m in Turkey…whereas Gokcer has lived here  35 years and had no problems. xD

I’ll leave you with this: the view from my window this morning P: