So I woke up before my alarm went off this morning, which is a really common thing for me these days. I looked outside, blue skies, gorgeous day! (This is the dorm next to me.) Then I got on my computer. I had over 60 messages on Facebook (at 7AM!) and 20 emails from Sigmas! It was seriously so amazing…I even got a sound recording of Sigma singing happy birthday to me! It was so wonderful!

I had a Turkish test today, and  when I got the building I saw a body hurtling through the air at me. I almost dodged it until I realized it was Claire, coming to wish me a happy birthday xD It was so cheerful! After the class was over, I got invited to go get some food/cay at Cati. When they asked what I was going to get, I just about shouted “CAKE?!” xD So I picked up a slice of cake and a piece of pide (Turkish pizza-ish stuff, it’s awesome) and went back to the table. Claire bounces up, covers my eyes, someone takes my plate and sits me down. So I’m sitting at a table somewhere in the restaraunt with my eyes covered for about five minutes, before my friends all start singing and I open my eyes to

CAKE!!!!!!!!!! A beautiful, lovely, wonderful PINK CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There were CANDLES too! They wrote on the box: “Happy birthday!” “Congratulations” (in Turkish), and “Afiyet olsun!” It was AWESOME 😀 Kristin and Claire decided to get it for me ❤ And Christine, Hanne, Jenna and Fernando were all in on the gig to get the cake to Cati after class without me knowing xD

I shared. But I was so SO HAPPY 😀

My roomie and Jenna sending me off to pahty =P

I wanted to go to a karaoke bar (they weren’t to keen but hey it’s my birthday!) but the one in Tunali was a bit hard to get to, so we decided to go to a place in Kizilay called “Eski Yeni.” Claire is excited! I went with (from the L) Christine, Hanne, Claire and Charlotte, as well as Vienna, who isn’t pictured here.

Most of these I don’t know how to caption, so enjoy our craziness!!!

Hanne bought me a flowerrrr!!!! 😀


…really not sure what to say about this one but I feel that I should say something. o.O

My free birthday fuzzy navel! It was on the bar. (I get the feeling they thought it was my 18th birthday………. =P ) But! It had a SPARKLER in it when he brought it out!!!!! 😀

And now we start with the reeeeally unattractive photographs…..

And on the way out, lighting up the night over Kizilay………………………………………..yeah.

We got in before curfew and I got to call and talk to my dad and sister before I went upstairs. Overall…..I had a freaking awesome birthday. xD