Bought a phone card. Two kinds here: “insert card” with a chip, or the kind with pin numbers. No clue how to use the PIN ones, the directions are in Turkish…does not help when I can’t even use the ones in English. Insert cards are more expensive but much simpler. Called Dad yesterday. Was nice. Want to call Mom. Will have to wait.

Roommate most def did not stay in the room last night. Host roommate decided to skip all the stuff today. Avea clock is off by about 10 mins so I missed meeting w/ people to walk to class this morning. Tried on my own, got lost, but helped a dog out of a building. I was very upset when I did not know where I was going. Managed to get to study abroad office, who helped me.

Not used to so many older students, and the mixing of graduate & undergraduate interaction. Turks encourage a few years working before going to school, which is partially why.

Hung around after the lecture on Turkey & the EU got out early. Got some ekmek b/c I didn’t have enough Turkish Lira for a meal, and got my internet password. Hooked my netbook to the internet finally.

Went to Attaturk’s Mausoleum on a guided tour. Was AMAZING.

Some sort of special ceremony today.

Guards switching sides.

Mini sculpture of museum.



Flag & pole.

Gonna rain? (Actually, it hailed.)

4 reps of branches of Turkish military.

Ankara skyline.

Touristy picture!

Ankara from the back of the courtyard.



Rock garden.

Made a new friend, girl from Australia, Claire. Very sweet. I like her. =) Vegan.

Went to the mall. Fixed Avea card, had dinner. Donur! Came back to dorm, signed up about 10 people’s MAC addresses so they could access wireless. I have about 10 new buddies now =)

ooVoo wouldn’t work for me & Jamie. Cramps & a headache…srsly not going tonight. =(