They’re everywhere, all over campus. They just kind of run into buildings and nobody notices or seems to care much, but some people shoo them out. I think they are like pests to the people here, but they are so sweet.

The dogs are all tagged on their ears…they are caught, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and released back onto campus in an effort to control the population. It’s an absolutely AMAZING idea, and it makes me really happy that they’re making an effort to do that instead of just capturing and killing them.


Short socks on front paws, entire back legs has socks. Kind of calico-bengal type patterning, but very small. My friend. Lives by Yurt 1, temporary dorm. I mostly see her outside the dorm.
My first morning here, Kitten was out in the lobby begging food from people who came out of the cafeteria. I saw her and she followed me up a few flights of stairs. She nuzzled my leg, and though scared at first, let me pet her a little. She jumped onto the window ledge and scared off a bunch of pigeons. I will miss her when I move my dorm.

-Shy German Female
Ran around with a yellow lab of sorts. I believe they are all cross bred, perhaps with wolves? She and the yellow were running around behind people as they walked into a building. I was in the building for a few minutes, when the dog got in behind someone. She was excited, jittery, a little scared. I herded her toward the door. People gave me strange looks. She cowered, so I stroked her lightly and let her out. She and the yellow jumped around and played, happy to be together, as if saying “Did you see THAT?! I was inside!!!”

-Baby Boncu

This kitten reminds me so much of our Boncuk, only he’s a lot smaller, and brown rather than black. xD He hands around a lot, and I mostly see him inside the dorm rather than out. The cafeteria in my dorm is where you’ll find him usually, prowling around under the chairs looking for noms. But the guys who run the cafeteria, they don’t like him very much and chase him out when they see him. Thankfully, so far, this isn’t very often.


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