I needed to go out to Çankaya today to get my cell phone from Mustafa. I had an idea of it, but I wasn’t positive so…I headed out. ;D

Took the Kizilay dolmus out and looked around the dolmus depot for the name of a dolmus that my roommate had given me. But as I was looking, I found a Çankaya dolmus! And it had the other name Mustafa told me to look out for, Yildiz! So I hopped that and rode it all the way out to the neighborhood they live it. It looked very familiar so I got off and started walking. I wasn’t positive where I was going. xD I walked around for maybe an hour or so and finally found their apartment building, but they weren’t home. ^^; So I went up to Rahime and Gokcer’s apartment, and Rahime called Mustafa for me. He was at his office, not too far away. So we walked out to there as well. And now I know exactly how to get to his office and to their house. I feel soo accomplished! It was rather exhausting though, I will say that, haha. So I retrieved my cell phone and Mustafa dropped me off at the Y.Aryanci dolmus stop, which goes straight to METU.

When I was walking around Çankaya though, I saw this “thing.” I’ve never seen anything like it. Rahime says people use it all the time….to move into apartments! The movers place stuff on that flat thing at the bottom and then lift it up using a mechanical pulley system. So cool!!

I conked in my room a bit after returing, and then picked up Cynthia for dinner. We got pide at a restaraunt in the carsi (shopping market on campus) and some baklava at another place. By 8PM we were both exhausted and went our separate ways. And now I’m ready for sleep =)