My sculpture class started today. It runs from 1PM to 5PM on Wednesdays (as well as other hours during the week.) I’m not sure you can call it a “Sculpture class.” It’s more like “sculpting in the freezing cold.” xD We arrived at the ceramics room, where we are assigned to have class, and the entire sculpture side of the room was GONE. It was so strange. So two/three/four/three/two (at various times people left xD) of us students stood around waiting for about a half hour before the professor showed up. He then informed us that the class was moving to a place across campus, really close to my dorm actually. So we start to leave and he takes us to his car.

There were only 4 students so we all crammed into his car. This teensy thing. It was like riding in a clown car, seriously xD

We got to the building and a cat starts meowing. This critter gets up on top of the building and just yowls to be paid attention to! If she is taken down, she just gets back up and does it again!!! She’s absolutely insane. just stands up there. and meows. She’s pretty cute though…

Anyway, turns out we’re the first students to get to use the brandy new sculpture building. It’s really just a really big room with a few dividers for office and storage. We had to clean off (read: scrape the plaster off) all the equipment we were going to use, and then we got to prepare our clay. It is VERY COLD in this building, the professor keeps the door open, opens the window to smoke, there’s no heat, only cold water….and I was standing in the water actually. By the time I left, my socks were compleeeetely soaked through! It was pretty miserably cold. But the professor liked the music on my iPod? I think that’s a good thing. He talked to me afterwards about what it’s like to be somewhere unfamiliar. He’s very nice and understanding…I like him a lot. But he kept saying I should stay longer than 4 months……. xD;

Pretty sure that’s all that happened today…..