Nothing crazy happened today!!!!!

I did wake up way early this morning from a ridiculous nightmare I couldn’t get out of my head 😦 So I sat around, then had choir practice. I was mistaken–the concert is on Friday, not Wednesday. But it’s still so soon! After practice we went to lunch. The choir director complimented me on my high notes and such at lunch…(all translated through another girl) and said he wants the rest of the sopranos to sound like me. It was really flattering! Especially interesting because of how many years I spent singing Alto! On the way out after lunch, I saw all these cats just sorta hanging out around these tables. It was so weird!

Merve helped me get my medicine and figure out how to take it today, and then I went to Cepa to buy new jeans. These two were singing opera in the middle of the mall? It was confusing. But the table and everything around them was to sign up small children for ballet class. Weird.

There is a L’Occitane in Cepa mall!

I bought pants from Tally Weijl. They’re super cute! Unfortunately the girls working kept insisting I was an XXS….I managed to get jeans in the right size, but the leggings they gave me ripped when I tried to put them on when I got home 😦 At least they were cheap, but now I still need black leggings 😛 Inside the pants is this sticker about washing them…I simply found it hilarious xD

These are my pills….the round one is for pain and the oval is for infection. they’re BIG o.o; The shots didn’t hurt as much as I was anticipating, though the second was worse than the first. The doctor said that apparently a LOT of people have been getting bitten at ODTU recently. I emailed my study abroad advisor about it because that’s a big problem.

And this is my dinner! I bet you’re all jealous of this goop: Turkish yogurt and sour cherry jam. Yumyum!!