I could read this today! I am so proud of me! The bottom says “Orange Jelly Biscuit”!!!! 😀

However, knowing that kind of Turkish doesn’t help me when my last class this week was taught in Turkish. So now I’m dropping 2 classes, and I really didn’t want to do that. I hope I can get the right number of credits for the classes I’m taking. The women I’ve emailed at TCNJ to ask about this has just…not gotten back to me. It’s rather frustrating.

There is a bus that goes around campus every 15 minutes. I took it this morning (not nearly as far as I should have) and it was pretty ghettofab. The best part I think was that the driver was wearing a suit.

After getting off the bus a good 5 stops before I should’ve, I just walked about a mile or so to get to my class. Good thing I left an hour early. Saw this along the way, and it was really pretty. I think it leads to the Teknokent, or a place on campus where a lot of businesses have offices.

People do this all over campus in the dorms. It’s really strange: they put foodstuffs that needs to stay cold out on the ledge outside their window. o.O Even though they have a fridge provided by the school, they store their stuff out the window. I wonder if they do it when the weather gets warmer. I’ll let you know.

So it’s just my luck, right? Literally minutes after I separated from Ezgi when walking back to my dorm after Chorus tonight, I see two dogs cross the path up ahead of me. It’s a little dark out, but I can tell they’re some of the dogs that are not friendly and I’ve stayed away from them. I didn’t realize there was a third until I was literally right next to it. The third one growled, and the second one growled, and I tried to walk faster but the third one grabbed the back of my leg. Rather than ripping my leg out and running, I barked at them. They ran off. I checked my leg inside the closest building and saw it broke the skin, so I went to the medical center. (As I approached the door, the dogs came around the side of the building. I barked at them again and they ran off.) The medical staff wanted to send me to the hospital for a vaccine for rabies no doubt. I called Gokcer, and he’s going to take me to get the vaccine in about an hour or so. Only this would happen to me in the first month that I’m in Turkey…whereas Gokcer has lived here  35 years and had no problems. xD

I’ll leave you with this: the view from my window this morning P: