So I got to my first class, Intro to Philosophical Concepts, and settled in the room, everybody around me talkin’ in Turkish and having a ball, and the professor walks in and begins speaking in Turkish. She talks for several minutes and there is interaction with the class. I have no idea what is going on. Finally I raise my hand to ask, “Is this class being taught in Turkish?” She has me repeat it, so I did. Her answer? “Probably.” Someone makes a comment and everyone laughs. I start packing up and the professor asks if I’m leaving. Um, yes? I don’t speak Turkish? Someone says something and again the class laughs. I hear another round of laughter as I closed the door. I get the feeling they were making fun of me as I left the room. It was pretty hurtful. I’m rather frustrated about this because ALL the courses here are supposed to be in English, and now here I am, emailing professors left and right to make sure their class is in English so that I can actually take the course. Even though they’re all listed online as being in English, they’re not allowed to list under anything else so it’s one of those “well it doesn’t actually matter what is online because the professor is going to do whatever they want” things. And I’m really upset about this.

Some people have said they told their professors they only speak English, and the professor had to switch to teaching in English and apparently the whole class shot her death glares. I don’t know, maybe people were making fun of me for that? Or laughing because they wouldn’t have to have a class in English? I’m really not sure.

So I spent pretty much the rest of the day emailing professors and asking if they teach in English. So far so good, but the one class I really wanted to take I haven’t heard back from the prof. I guess I’ll just show up tomorrow morning, huh?

I took a detour through the shopping center after I left class. Picked up a phone card to call home (I was wrong before, its 3.75YTL for 50 minutes) and stopped by the grocery store. I got this bowl/plate and a cup for 1.75YTL, just a bit over 1USD. I was looking for paper or plastic, and the same with spoons and knives, but couldn’t find any. I’m going to keep an eye out for that, and hopefully buy just one sharp knife so I can cut my meyve. (fruit!)

When I left, I found a whole slew of cats. They were all over the place, looking for food. I found even more around the corner from where I took this, including two Boncuk-alikes and a Spike-alike. Someone had left out a few containers of food, and they were taking turns eating, chasing each other, and cleaning themselves. It was quite sweet.

Had a quiz in Turkish today and am very confident that I did well. However, I have another quiz on Wednesday and I am very not-confident in that quiz. =\ Wasn’t there on Thursday due to the Uludag trip, and can’t seem to find anyone who has the notes from class.

That pretty much sums up today. I hope classes get worked out, and I do hope I can stay in the Turkish course. She says there are too many people in it, and they need to cut down on the number of students in the class. She wanted us to turn in our schedules to her, but I don’t really have any set schedule yet. It’s kind of a problem at the moment. I hope to change that tomorrow though. We’ll see what happens.


(in terms of pictures, this entry is terrible. xD Sorry!)