We walked and ran and rode what feels like all over Ankara today, and had a wonderful time!!

We started on campus, where we got breakfast and read through some menus in the kantins. Grammy got her first traditional Turkish coffee and was very happy, haha. We got breakfast in Cati, where I got to sit in an ENORMOUS CHAIR. I could’ve laid down in it! It was huge!

The bathroom signs were HILARIOUS.

And just inside the door were these xD

We wandered around campus and went to the archeology museum which was really cool. We also happened to meet a professor from a school in the US who wanted to set up a program with METU. The museum was really cool! This is a huge cast iron pot.

Some gold bowls

A set of tiny toy animals

a grave site (creepy, do you see the bone wearing a bracelet?)

and an ENORMOUS key! Very cool!

We took a dolmus to Kizilay to make sure I understand better how they work. On the way we saw a SLEW of news vans, and took a picture of the hullabaloo. Still don’t know what it was about, lol.

Found an enormous statue of very impressive men, who were unimpressively covered with pigeons.

We wandered around Kizilay and into Gold Alley for a little while to look around. There was a bamboo plant with two koi fish living in the vase! So cool, hahaha.

After that, we caught another dolmus to a VERY large mall just a short way away from ODTU to do some shopping for dorm necessities. We found a CHOCOLATE CAFE. It was like a coffee shop, but with TONS OF CHOCOLATE. I got a chocolate spoon with my milk. xD

Grammy got another coffee and a dark chocolate square.

And we both got chocolate souffle for lunch. Yum yum! After our chocolatey meal, we went and got a manicure. It felt wonderful. My nail beds are lovely and my nails feel good and my skin looks healthy finally lol.

After shopping, we were exhausted so we went back to my dorm to relax for a little while. Then we went out to Cepa by taxi. We got dinner (donur sandwich <3) and did some more shopping. The one thing I can’t seem to find anywhere is a simple, one plug extension cord!!!!

Well, I have to be up super early tomorrow morning for the trip to Uludag. Hurray for road trips! Lol. Grammy goes home on Saturday, so I was kind of sad to see her go, but I’m so glad she was here with me these last two weeks. =)