Got a nice bit of sleep last night, and had a leisurely day today. Picked up some necessities, toilet paper, bread, yogurt, paper towels. Our third roommate came in, curled her lip at the room and left…hasn’t been back yet. The girl in the single moved in, I heard her, but she’s been pretty scarce.

I spent a while this morning trying to get the course website to load properly. Quite reminiscent of TESS actually. When I finally did, it turned out that pretty much all the courses I had wanted to take weren’t being offered right now. I was very frustrated. My registration meeting was this afternoon. I finally picked Beginning Turkish, Discreet Mathematics, Principles of Philosophy (or something) and Classical Turkish Music. Music seems to be a problem: the class is most likely taught in Turkish. I have to contact the professor and find out.

Finally got my temporary METU ID card. Picked up my photographs, and pulled out money to pay for the dorm. But the bank was PACKED and I couldn’t read any of the signs so I had no idea what to do. I have a whole new respect for people who come to America and can’t do anything. So I picked up some dorm supplies. Went to my meeting, and have been assigned to the Math department because Communication isn’t here and I need to be somewhere XD Quiet day and evening, really.

Decided that the lamps here are designed to echo the logo for the school.

All the walkways are cobblestones. It makes it very difficult to walk on. I tend to stay on the concrete parts.

LOOK METU HAS ITS OWN SUN DAIL. I think this one is less impressive but prettier.

Made a doggy friend today. Did not intend to do so, in fact, intended to stay far away from the doggies. But she came up to me and nosed my hand and hip and leg until I scratched her. She was sweet…very skinny though. 😦 She’s the white one.

updated my Hamam entry! Go look at the creepy guy!! 🙂