ughhhh. so much for that party 😦

My stomach has been bothering me pretty much since I got to METU. It was fine at the Gokdogan’s house, but not here. I’ve been feeling vommy most nights. Yesterday I started feeling ill early, around 2PM maybe? I ate pretty normal things throughout the day: cheese toast, rice, chicken, a slice of sweet pepper. The Turkish Trots got to me though, early. I even ate the same things as other people, and they are just fine.

I tried eating soup when nighttime came around, thinking maybe that will make me feel better because it did the other day. Nope. Just felt worse. Ended up going to bed before the party started and waking up every hour or so to sit in the bathroom and feel gross. My stomach was making noises and doing dances I never want to experience ever again. Finally ended up expelling some bad into a trash can and thank GOODNESS I found Merve downstairs. (Merve is a Turkish girl who lives in Germany here on erasmus.) She took me to medical, who said I should go to the hospital. I couldn’t get in touch with the Gokdogans or Grammy, and it was the last thing I wanted to do. They gave me a pill to calm my stomach, which it miraculously did. So I spent the rest of the night getting up every 2 hours to use the water closet.

Let me tell you what, that room is tiny and uncomfortable to be in. The door is so close to the toilet that when you sit on it, your knees are against the door and your toes under it. I’m sure it’s creepy looking from the outside. Whereas TCNJ made their bathrooms bowling alleys, METU made them closets.

Register for housing today…hope I stop feeling this way soon.