Woke up early this morning to someone just coming in our dorm and settling in the empty bed. It was really strange! I looked at my clock and thought it said 8:35, and we had to leave by 9AM. I was nervous, hopped out of bed and started my day. I let Keika know, because we were going to eat breakfast together. I showered, went downstairs, and met with some other girls and their host. We were sitting around eating for a while and I thought we were late but it turns out the time was an hour earlier than I thought. Yay! I like being early.

First lecture bore me to sleep. It was so terrible. I think a small part of me died a little. Interesting, somewhat, about internal migration and such, how everybody is moving towards the cities, but the concern about rural life seemed lacking. She was more concerned about the gecekondu, housing that was built overnight and evolved into “ghetto” areas. Understandable I suppose. Room was huge. Best quote of the day though…

“But for the moment you may have some hot questions for me.”

Skipped the next class to walk to the mall with Claire and try to get a new phone so I could give the other back to the Gokdogans. No success, but it was an adventure. Got a taxi back =)

Bought a huge bottle of water today. I was spending half the money for a third the amount of water for a while…that was dumb. P: I felt like a gigantic baby sucking on a bottle.

This is the board from my Turkish class. In two days, we’ve covered: counting to 1,000,000, alphabet, greetings, asking how are you, goodbyes, times of day, how to tell time, how to identify objects, 50+ vocabulary words, asking and telling names, various responses for “how are you,” telling phone numbers, speaking formally and informally, ordering food, asking how much money, and some polite things to say/do. h’omg. ;__;

Had lunch today with Hanne (Hah-nah), Claire, and Charlotte. We went to the general cafeteria, and it wasn’t that bad. Wasn’t great, but it was super cheap, especially for how little food I tend to eat. Setting up computers was a great move to get people to talk to me, and so was hooking up with Claire, who was in a circle already. xD I’m feeling much more welcome here now.

Communication here ranges from poor to non-existant. This is the “financial meeting” we were supposed to have today. We got to the room and discovered it had been moved to the study abroad office, and arrived there to find out they wanted us to pay the 40TL that we owed them for “orientation week expenses.” Without telling us. That we needed to pay. Oh, and also that we needed to have an additional 15TL and a passport sized photograph. Frustrated Han a little bit ^^;

We register for rooms early tomorrow in our permanent dorms. I hope my host is here to help me: no one in dorm offices speaks English and my Turkish is of no assistance here and/or now. Also, I don’t know what dorm I’m in. xD So I hope to hear from her tomorrow.

Smoking inside buildings is illegal in Ankara now, with a fine of 69.00TL. Yet people sit and smoke in front of these signs. Literally, right in front of them. The ones that say you’ll get fined for smoking inside a building. Ugh. =(

Tonight is a dance party. People here tend to call it a “disco,” and I wonder if that is from outdated English textbooks. I’m mainly going because there’s going to be a karaoke on one of the floors, and I adore karaoke. I hope someone will come with me. It would be lonely if not. I’m bringing extra lira in case I want to go home early…I’m catching a cab if I have to this time.