Woke up feeling vommy. Grammy says its the food, and she’s right b/c it is a lot heavier than I am used to. She recommended yogurt. Turkish yogurt is the best. I want to find yogurt soup. It’s so yummy and would be perfect.

Skipped the first lecture b/c of my stomach. Really wanted to go to it, but was afraid of another vasovagal episode. Went to second lecture, Beginning Turkish hurray~! Surprisingly fun, learned a ton of new words, need flash cards!

Last night I spent about 2-3 hours setting various people up on the Internet. I used Macs and PCs from German to Russian to Dutch….hooked everybody up to the ‘net. These people were all pretty happy to talk to me today, which was really encouraging. Hung out w/ Claire too, and made buddies w/ her group.

Afterward, I went to the library to hook up a Dutch girl’s computer. It didn’t work the first try, so we walked to the Computer Center since she has a tough time seeing things and finding her way. I wandered through the shopping center, noted things I want/need to buy, and then came back to the dorm. Got some soup, and my stomach felt better. Now I’m hungry again, but I’m not sure what to eat. The signs are all in Turkish xD; Really need that dictionary.

Early night tonight, since I plan on going out tomorrow night and have to be up early on Friday to register and move into my permanent dorm.