Daniella from Montenegro, old Yugoslovia

26 year old Croatian, lives in Montenegro, studies Art History in Bosnia. Currently has 2 friends here. Came to Turkey for her Islamic Building Art professor who wanted her as a Teaching Assistant. Wants to learn Turkish, and is learning English.  The mother of a friend of hers gave her a Turkish textbook and workbook so she could study while here.

Has a dictionary to translate the words she is looking for. Her English is pretty good, sometimes she has grammar errors but who doesn’t? Our language is really weird.

To Kieka, Bosnian music is very bad. It is electronic and the singers are not good, and she is frustrated about that. She says that “Music is a beautiful thing, and these cheap songers shit on it.” She does not like Black Eyed Peas, but would prefer it to the current pop music in Bosnia and Montenegro!